Sage Wheeler 

I earned my Masters in Education with a certificate to teach in Waldorf Schools in 1996.  I thought I was set - then my children were born and real life training began. Over the past twenty years, life brought its significant changes and transitions, and with it came anxiety, panic attacks, and physical injuries.  As a stubborn, curious seeker of truths and effective healing, I sought out mentors, wisdom, and trainings - and what I found changed my life and restored my joy. Now, I utilize these tools and partner with you to find the peace, calm, focus, and clarity you seek.  

I've worked with remarkable teachers and undergone years of study and training in a wide range of practices. What these trainings have in common is The Body.  After a lifetime of typical western education of the mind, I found the most effective healing works holistically: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Tapping into all four of these aspects allows for our own innate wisdom and healing to emerge. These trainings taught me how to support you as you untangle these threads to weave back to a clearer, more peaceful and fulfilling life.

I'm delighted to offer the following transformational tools through personal sessions, weekly groups, and retreats:    

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To learn about each of the trainings and healing modalities used in my work, visit the Resources section for more information.

Ready to begin? Get in touch to schedule a free 30 minute consultation - I look forward to working with you!  

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