Feedback From Clients and Course Participants

I loved the format of restorative yoga, giving all of us a chance to truly relax and unwind. And then, having never experienced Gateless Writing, I found the guidelines were supportive and powerful in creating a safe environment. It’s simple and well thought out and perfect for someone like me who is fearful of sharing.

The group was welcoming and put me at ease. Sage’s teaching style, in both yoga and writing, is enthusiastic, kind, caring and knowledgable.... I felt completely supported..... I really loved it and will definitely sign up again. Many thanks for offering such a wonderful experience for all of us to share!
— C.D.S.
If you are ready and willing, Sage’s group can be nothing short of life-changing. For me, with the consistency of meeting every week, the support of the group, and especially Sage’s skilled guidance, I was able to transform parts of my life that have been troublesome for years. Unlike in the years of therapy I had done before, the changes I made in my emotional life while in Sage’s group feel permanent. For perhaps the first time in my life, I have the tools to successfully navigate through life’s challenges.
— Rachel
Sage created a safe and welcoming space for total relaxation of the mind and body - which led in turn to being able to go to the page and write freely. I love this experience (my first) and look forward to the next workshop. Something inside cracks open when the body can really rest. Judgement is removed and the pen just flies to the page. It’s a way of getting ourselves out of the way so the creativity flows freely - a kind of magic. Thank you Sage, for a wonderful afternoon.
— E.P.
Sage, thanks for helping me (once again) avoid the pit of panic and fear I am wont to fall into these days. That was so helpful to talk to you this past weekend. Your coaching has been invaluable to me as I navigate this sometimes rocky path towards a career and life that is truly me.
— Linda
The work I did with Sage’s support and the support of the group was literally an answer to a prayer. I was feeling very stuck in my life and desperately looking for a way to move forward. Not only did I move past the sticking point, I jumped and found my wings!!

I uncovered Myself and what a happy reunion!! With Sage and the group I received the gift of learning the body centered work in which I am now able to access my true self and all the wonderful enlightening answers to my life’s questions that all lie within each of us.

As I learn to trust myself more and more I am letting go of the addiction I had to receive approval from outside myself. I feel a freedom I do not remember ever having. I am thankful and grateful for Sage’s commitment to helping others and myself learn the 12 gateways to a life that works.

She is patient, honest, genuine, caring and a great listener, all the things I want in a life coach. And most of all she helped me move on in my life not by telling me what she thought I should do but taught me to get the answers from within.
— K.M.
. . . how the words just flowed onto the paper after the yoga was powerful . . . . I was amazed at how the comments from the other participants turned what I believed was a very dark piece of writing into something that I could take away as a source of strength within me.
— D.G.