Healing Support for Life's Transitions 

Life is full of transitions, challenges, and changes.  Finding calm, focus, and joy, no matter what life brings, begins with strengthening the connection back to yourself - from there, you'll find insight and clarity about your next step forward.   

Through deep listening, practical tools, and experiential activities, I support you in finding connection during times of change, challenge, and transition.  Together, we find the calm, the focus, and the joy in your life.

Learn to connect with your body’s wisdom, restore resilience, heal from trauma, gain clarity, and really know at your core what is right for you.  I offer coaching groups, workshops, retreats, and personal sessions throughout the Mondanock Region, and am available for phone or Skype sessions as well.

"Sage is patient, honest, genuine, caring and a great listener - all the things I want in a life coach. She helped me move on in my life - not by telling me what to do, but by teaching me how to get the answers from within."

K.M., private session client 


"Sage's teaching style, in both yoga and writing, is enthusiastic, kind, caring and knowledgable. I felt completely supported and will definitely sign up again."  

C.D.S., Rest and Write participant